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Wine Country, a family operated wine shop located in Winchester, MA opened in 2004.  From day one, our neighborhood-friendly pricing policy and consistently excellent service has made Wine Country one of the finest and most dependable shops in the area. 

Wine Country has over 900 wines on hand, each carefully selected.  We are constantly searching for the new, unique wine of surprising value to meet almost any taste, budget or occasion. We maintain a vast selection consisting of red, white, dessert, sparkling wines and champagnes from regions around the world as well as a large selection of great wines for under $15. Our search for the finest wines provide you with the best selection imaginable. 

We have a diverse selection of domestic and imported finely crafted beers, constantly changing to include seasonal brews and new discoveries as well as an intriguing assortment of premium spirits, including single malt Scotch, Cognacs, Bourbons, Tequila, imported Vodka and Brandies and other imported liqueurs available to suit any occasion or taste.
​"What a great wine shop! Wine Country has an enormous selection of wines from all over the world. The place is very clean and cozy. I came in on a Saturday and was delighted to find that they had a wine tasting going on. There were three wines available to sample and the staff was very knowledgable. I ended up tasting a new wine that I had never tried before which was excellent and went great with the meal I had planned for the evening. 

They have a huge selection of reasonably priced wines.I also got to meet the owner of the store, Steve. He was very friendly and inviting and we ended up talking about the wine store and another passion of his, cycling! He mentioned that it was a family run business and I could tell: he really cares for his customers. The store also has a huge selection of spirits and beers. I highly recommend stopping by for all your wine and liquor needs."
 -Seb L., Melrose
Phone: 781-721-1045
​Email: sgaddezio@yahoo.com